About Department

Production engineering diploma course was offered at this institution in the year 1988 for the first time in the state of Madhya with a initial strength of 30 students in this institution. . The development and growth has succeeded in creating its place of excellence not only within the city of Bhopal but also among other polytechnics in the state of M.P. The diploma program in Production Engineering at this Polytechnic has been attracting students from all parts of the state for quality education.

Today, the world of production and manufacturing engineering changes under the influence of advanced computational tools, vastly improved simulation and analysis, and entirely different manufacturing protocols. This has opened up new lines of subject areas in the department, such as Rapid Prototyping, Computational Heat Transfer, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, CAD, CAM, CAE.

The Department of Production Engineering offers diploma in Production Engineering with a wide choice of specializations, electives. Programme is divided into six semester of equal duration. Every year 60 students are admitted.

It also offers short duration skill development training with flexi time to various target groups including personnel from industry. The department has qualified and experienced faculty members with relevant experience in the subject area.

Program Educational Objective:

The Production Engineering program thrives to produce Diploma Holder students who:

shall be prepared for professional practice in supervisory positions or to enroll in further engineering degree programsshall be prepared for successful careers and leadership positions as a result of teaming, communication and problem-solving skills learned in our program.

at all stages of their careers, will be engaged in activities that demonstrate a commitment to and a desire for ongoing personal and professional growth and learning.

shall be versatile engineers with the ability to  consistently synthesize new technologies in the field of manufacturing & production. 

  shall be trained and nurtured with competent technical and engineering leadership in field of production or entrepreneurship ventures.


To be recognized by industry as the centre of excellence in the field of production technology, a partner for continuous learning and the gateway between industry and education.



To provide access to quality education, faculty and the resources in production technology that prepares a diverse student for direct and successful entry in to the industrial workforce