About Department

Architectural Assistantship is the first course offering diploma education for male candidates in state of Madhya Pradesh. This was introduced in the year 2008-09 with intake of 60 students. The admission is on the basis of PPT examination and rules formulated be Directorate of Technical Education M.P.

            The community of architects is in very limited number that too concentrated in metro cities and smaller settlements are deprived of skilled service. Hence the pass out of this course are boon to these places where they actually belong.

Job Opportunities – The pass outs of diploma Architectural Assistantship work with Architects, Engineers, builders, Valuers, Interior designers and Government organizations. They can be entrepreneurs taking up construction works and interior works. This will encourage self employment and also offer employment to other youth.

Job profile – The pass outs when working with different organizations work as architectural assistant, architectural software expert, draftsman, Site supervisor, clerk of work, quantity surveyor and model maker. The pass out can directly serve to his/her clients for construction and interior works.

Practical Exposure – In addition to studio and lab work there is emphasis on construction site visits and study of designed buildings.  Sixteen weeks industrial training is part of curriculum. Department organizes time to time expert lectures, workshops to achieve over all personality and skill development.

Further Education – The pass out of diploma can get admission to B.Arch I year by clearing NATA examination or B.E. Civil II year through T.C. Course.

Some alumini in the field –

  1. Shri Mayur Jain – Self employed – Asta
  2. Shri Dipak Jethani - Self employed – Bhopal
  3. Shri Nikhil Jethani - Self employed – Bhopal
  4. Shri Shailendra Kushwaha – Town Planning Department
  5. Ms. Dipti Simaya – Forest Department 
  6. Shri Sachin Mujjale – Forest Department’
  7. Shri Himanshu Jain – Construction Industry Vidisha
  8. Shri Jeetendra Date – CPWD

University Topper – Ms. Ranu Pal Topped in year 2014-15 in S.V. Polytechnic College Bhopal.



• V I S I O N •

Develop Professionally Competent Man Power To Address The Needs Of Architectural Projects

• M I S S I O N •

M1- Impart quality and value based education to generate Professional skills and competencies required for the field of Architecture, Interior and Construction project by practical oriented teaching-learning process following latest field trends

M2 - Develop Professional skills to satisfy aspirations of all stack-holders with optimal  utilization and continuous Up Gradation of Infrastructure and processes

M3 - Develop attitude for entrepreneurship by exposure to industry and profession



○ PEO1 - Work out design solutions on the basis of technical data and project requirements using life long learning attribute

Related with Mission    M1-3, M2 -1, M3-3

○ PEO2 - Supervise and manage construction projects working independently or in team

Related with Mission    M1-3, M2 -2, M3-3

○ PEO3 - Become socially responsible entrepreneur following ethical practices contributing to economic development of state and nation.

Related with Mission    M1-3, M2 -3, M3-3


○ PSO1 - Prepare complete drawings and documents for architectural projects manually and using relevant software

○ PSO2 - Assist and Execute a small scale building project or interior project following rules regulations and processes